Why California’s Ancient Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ Toppled

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Visitors pose beneath Pioneer Cabin, a famous sequoia tree in California, in 1899. The opening in its trunk was large enough for a four-horse stage-coach to drive through. On Sunday, the tree was felled by winter weather. PHOTOGRAPH BY BENJAMIN LLOYD SINGLEY, THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY

SOURCE: National Geographic

By Becky Little, 09/01/2017

An iconic living […]

2016 09 Tree Failure in Yuen Long

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A tree failure occurred in a park in Yuen Long in September 2016.  “white ant s” (termites) were noted at the point of tree failure.  This is an example of when subterranean termites such as Coptotermes formosanus attack a tree from below the ground.  They usually are not visible from outside the tree – all […]

Four trees collapse in Hong Kong after heavy rain as government defends axing century-old banyans on safety grounds

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Four trees collapsed in Hong Kong on Monday morning following a night of heavy rain amid the government’s controversial decision to cut down four century-old Chinese banyans after several similar trees fell from stone walls during recent storms.

The first report was received by police at around 6am of a 10-metre tall tree that collapsed […]